Money can’t buy you love, but it sure makes life more lovely! You only need to look at the poverty stricken parts of every country to appreciate that.

In the West, money is a large factor for the unhappiness of humanity. In the East, its activity has also left many wanting and in lack. Famine has many different expressions but none worse than famine of the soul. Rich or poor, a famished soul finds no purpose in lack or abundance. Having something that can replenish the needs of others is satisfying to the soul.

A historical event thousands of years ago showed great leadership in lack. Joseph was sold into slavery by his brothers. He was eventually trafficked into Egypt, as God’s providence would reveal, for a greater purpose than himself in the saving of many lives.

“By selling grain to the people, Joseph eventually collected all the money in Egypt and Canaan, and he put the money in Pharaoh’s treasury.”

– Genesis 47:14 NLT

A few lessons:

1. Projecting your problems.

We don’t need a national famine to reveal what’s lacking on the inside of any of us. A crisis at work will do that. The death of a loved one, seeing estranged family members at a wedding, an economic crash or a natural disaster – they all reveal what’s inside us. An abundance compensates for all of our inadequacies! My flaws are masked when life is full. They are revealed when life gets empty.

2. Living large and in charge.

This seems like an arrogant way to live, but it is only arrogant if I am arrogant. The alternative is stunning. The bigger my life becomes, the more others can receive from me. The more in charge I am of my own decisions (taking responsibility), the more others can benefit from my disciplines. A small and undisciplined life is of little help to anyone!

One of the greatest dignities you can give another human being is the value to be significant and the resources that show others their worth.