What we type on our computer, phone, tablet, TV and home smart device, including our fridge, is not secure… Let me explain.

We now live in a very connected world, where EVERYthing connects to everyTHING. As soon as something is given power, it’s connected and in most cases connectable from anywhere and anyone in the world.

The internet isn’t private, in fact from what I have read, it’s open by default, from its initial design, it was made to be “public”.

Even your favourite social wall is public by default, and designed to broadcast what you type, out to the most amount of people possible. These sites would not continue if they did not attract the most public figures in our societies.

Think of your “privacy” settings and features as chain mail armour, although made from straw.

Remember in the bible, how James talks about our tongue, what we say, what we communicate? It’s our tongue that cannot be tamed, it cannot be firewalled, and it cannot be protected from a privacy setting. It’s our tongue that is both our strongest and unfortunately at the same time our weakest front and leading line of privacy.

I’m not trying to scare, just raise awareness, that indeed, when you type on your computer, phone, tablet, TV, home smart devices, including your fridge, and even your air-conditioner these days :), that data does not belong to only you, you are handing it up to the internet, the “inter-net-of-all-connected-things”.

Connectedness is awesome, get out there and don’t stop connecting and integrating, but remember; Be careful, post and publish sloooowly and browse safely!