“It’s a match-the-blocks-to-their-correct-shaped-holes kind of morning for our 1year old. She’s chuffed that she got two easily in, but that 3rd star block has her stumped, and after 3 attempts she bangs the block down onto the floor with great drama and flare.

“”It’s okay to be frustrated””, I say to our fired up little Fox, “”it’s tough when you can’t get it right, but let’s try it again””. She looks at the block and flings it even further away while yelling some kind of secret angry babble, then walks away in disgust. And…scene.


It took decades of striving to avoid failure for me to finally realise – it is plain impossible. Not because I am a failure, but because failure is a very real byproduct of a courageous life. To dare to believe all that Jesus proclaims for abundant life in Him, is to find yourself in a position to fail.

It is this thought that drives me to ponder the kind of foundation we are laying for our children. In a world where all manner of potential & possibilities is literally at their fingertips, are we actually giving them the right tools to navigate the disciplines needed to live a purposeful life? Am I teaching my daughter not just to go after all that is in her heart, but to wade through the pain and frustration of failure she will encounter on the road there?

I believe it is our responsibility as parents to teach our kids how to get up when they fall, to navigate rejection, deal with failed expectations, manage soul-destroying emotions, face their fears and perhaps find themselves in a place to encounter the faithfulness of Jesus for themselves.

Here’s to the wisdom needed to do that, and perhaps to find the appropriate help as we go. In the meantime down here, it’s back to the blocks with the Fox – a little venting clears the cloud and she’s reaching for that star again…”