“What’s in your hand?” This is a statement that Senior Pastor Brian Houston constantly encourages Hillsong church with in regards to sharing the gospel and making Jesus famous.


A few years ago, our church launched the campaign ‘Cross Equals Love’ in preparation for Easter. It involved 3 simple symbols and yet had a huge impact on thousands of people around the globe. The message was out!

So in a similar fashion this year, as a church we have been encouraging people to ‘share the love’ more than ever in the lead up to Easter. In Colossians 3v14 in the Message translation, Paul encourages us by saying “And regardless of what else you put on, wear love. It’s your basic, all-purpose garment. Never be without it.”


Meet Jason.
Or as he’s known in Australia, ‘Jase’.
Jase had witnessed the impact of the ‘Cross Equals Love’ message and through a friend was inspired by Pastor Brian’s challenge to use what was in his hand.


He didn’t have anything different to a lot of young men his age – he had a degree, a job, a girlfriend (now fiance woo!). But he also had a small tshirt printing company that he ran from his home lounge room.

Jase decided to print Cross Equals Love on a few T-shirts and the next day he gifted a few to some of his friends. If we could wear this message of Love, we could make the name of Jesus famous.

The result… These Tshirts have made their way into peak hour in the city, shopping centres, sporting events – basically anywhere that people gather.
And the conversations as a result have been incredible. It’s amazing to see the doors that have opened & the conversations that have taken place because of something as simple as a tshirt that states “Cross Equals Love”.


Because that’s the result of someone having a heart revelation that this Message we carry, this Love that we have through Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross that enables us to “come as we are” – this Love is too great to keep to ourselves.

Author: Nick Khiroya, Hillsong Frontline Pastor