Hi, my name is Lee Burns, the Executive Vice President of Hillsong College and the oversight for the Education Sphere. I am passionate about educating and developing people to influence their world for the good.

I believe that as educators our responsibility is to be constantly looking for new and exciting ways to keep learning for both the educator, and the student.

I’m sure we have all experienced, at some point in our own education, those times in a classroom where you don’t want be there or instances where the body language, or tone of voice of the teacher, persuades you to think that they don’t want to be there either. Often this results in a negative imprint in the learner’s mind and a poor learning experience.

In saying that, education is never confined to a classroom alone and there are many other exciting means through which we can influence this sphere and learn from one another in the process.

Therefore, the education sphere of this website will hopefully inspire you to be successful in your area of education and encourage you to participate by adding any resources that you think will be worthwhile for others to know. Whether you are in early childhood, primary, secondary, tertiary, higher education, or any other form of education, the goal is to resource you with material such as, blogs, web links, social media etc., which will help develop you, and intrigue you to become greater in your sphere of influence.