I’m excited to introduce myself as the oversight for our Media sector on Spheres.

The goal of this website is to champion each of you in your sphere of influence and I’m so pumped to help bring you inspiration and encouragement as you walk out your call in the media sector. Sometimes I feel in general that media has landed itself a bad name – what do you feel when you hear that word? Maybe for some, the experience of ‘media’ is actually extremely positive – it may have launched your business to a new level or boosted your career in some way. For others perhaps your emotion towards media is very negative – maybe it’s the fabrication of stories, skewed political spins or the bullying we see on social media.

When I think of media I consider it to be a lot like a microphone. A microphone is neither good or bad – it’s simply a device into which people speak in order to make their voice louder.  With that being said, media in its essence is neutral. It’s the voice behind the media that determines whether it will be used for bad or good. This is essentially why we are launching a sphere in media – we want to champion those who are called to media to see the potential it has to bring a God voice. Whether you work in print, radio, television or carved yourself a following on social media – I hope to bring you articles and blogs that will inspire, stories from those who have walked the journey in the industry and ideas of how to use your media microphone for good.