Church signs can be known for their puns! It could be suggested that churches were the first to tweet by using less than 160 characters to grab the attention of the community. Generally, they fly in the face of a traditional church messages with some added humour and wit. We have pulled together some of our favourites, in case you need a good laugh!

1. The disciples had beards right?

2. It’s good to play to your strengths.


3. Prayer works


4. Safety first everyone.


5. LOL


6. I guess Jesus would follow us on social media even if we didn’t follow him.

In this Sept. 2010 photo, the sign outside Cornerstone Baptist Church displays its message to drivers in Farmington Hills, Mich. Darrin Lee credits the slogans on his sign for helping his flock grow to more than 100. (AP Photo/Detroit News, Neal Rubin) DETROIT FREE PRESS OUT; HUFFINGTON POST OUT

7. This was an actual billboard by life


8. It’s what the sign writer is generally thinking.


9. You have a point.

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