We received a testimony from Jamie and thought we would share with his permission. We hope it encourages you in your journey!



I would say that I am a pretty normal guy! I am 40, married, and had a great job.  My wife, son and I moved to Australia from the UK in 2012 and eventually we made Hillsong Brisbane City Campus our home. I worked hard, earned a decent wage and lived comfortably within the “status quo” of commuting, working, running a house and going to church….all pretty normal stuff I hear you say!


With this in mind, imagine my surprise as I look at my life now! I have quit my job to start my own recruitment business four days a week and to volunteer with City Care Brisbane one day a week.  As I write this, my wife is in Thailand on a mission trip, having quit her job as well to do this.  I am off to India in February to work in the slums of Delhi and life as we know it has been turned on its head! Let me fill you in….


My family went to Hillsong Conference in July of this year.  To be honest, I didn’t really want to go! I am not a fan of big crowds, unless they all have Brisbane Bronco jerseys on and it is at the Suncorp Stadium! But something told me that we had to go to conference and that life would never be the same.  So we went….and life has changed beyond recognition!


I have been a Christian since I was 7 years old.  I felt the call from God to train as a Baptist minister at the age of 17…and ignored it.  I wanted to go to Uni, to have fun and to be honest, I think I wanted to rebel!  I felt the call of God to work for the church aged 19- same thing, I ignored it- and then the same at 22…….. I had little faith and put myself first!


At Hillsong conference this year, one of the speakers said- and I paraphrase- “If you know that God has put a calling on your life and you know what this is- BUT you ignore it…well, that is not cool!” It hit me like a thunderbolt from the sky to be honest! We returned from Sydney, talked, prayed, cried and searched…and here I am- I am obeying God, giving up my income and serving Him, City Care and Hillsong- A complete step of faith!


Sound good? It’s petrifying! But great! A few weeks back I stumbled upon the Spheres website and the Business Sphere.  I was doubting myself and this life changing decision and wondered if I really heard from God.  One of the blogs I read blew my mind and confirmed that I am doing the right thing.  Peter Low’s Courage to Sink, is quite simply, mind blowing to read!


So thank you Joel and the Spheres team.  You have encouraged this doubting Thomas more than you will know!


Author – Jamie Harding