This past week one of Hip Hop’s rising stars ‘Chance The Rapper’ released his new single ‘Blessings’. This Chicago born and bred rapper has been quite open and vocal about his faith and his spiritual journey, taking to Twitter to let people into that part of his life. The latest single from Chance has shown to be yet another avenue he is using to share his journey of faith.

Though it is a far cry from Kanye’s “Jesus Walks” in its impact with sales and charting, this song is bright, hopeful and even has a full gospel choir. The question a lot of critics are asking is, “Are rappers and pop artists suddenly finding this new path just because it’s popular and better for their careers? Or are these Jesus-following pop artists the real deal?”  Check out his first performance of the single ‘Blessings’ on the Jimmy Fallon show and see for yourself!

Chance the Rapper: Blessings