Is it possible in today’s working climate to share the gospel, to fulfil the mission of Jesus, and to bring God’s kingdom to our world?

After becoming a Christian almost 16 years ago, I was extremely keen to leave my business, Fresh Catering, to go and work full-time in the ministry. I was encouraged to study part-time Theology, which gave me the opportunity to keep earning an income whilst attending college. For the first 10 years of being a Christian, I spent very  little time at my business and mostly volunteered at Church. I prayed constantly for God to open a full-time opportunity to work at church. My desire and passion was to serve God in a full-time ministry capacity… and I pursued it passionately.

Indeed, God was intending for me to enter into a full-time ministry role. However, it was nothing like I thought it would be.

Without much effort, my company won one of the largest catering contracts in Sydney for catering at the new Museum of Contemporary Art, which was in itself a miracle. I had to make the decision on whether to stay in business and give up my dream of ministry or to refuse the contract. After praying, I realised that God wanted me to stay in business and to minister in that space. He then opened my eyes to what he was about to do and the extraordinary opportunities that he would provide for me to bring His kingdom into my sphere of influence.

The business has grown by 900%. We currently employ over 450 staff and have become the number one caterer in Sydney, focusing mainly in the arts world. I have a privileged position and been given an extraordinary platform to be able to speak into the lives of countless people. I induct and meet each staff member that commences employment at Fresh, where I share my testimony and hand each of them a bible. I encourage them to read it as its pages will transform and change their lives. We employ many who are marginalised from jails, from rehabs and some who just lack confidence. Yet through good leadership and employment, they can experience transformation. We currently employ nearly 40 Hillsong Bible College students who are encouraged to develop friendships and share Jesus, and we have seen many employees come to church as the result of this.

It took me a long time to learn the lesson that we must be in the world to bring change. I honestly feel as though I am in full-time ministry now, even though I don’t work in the four walls of the Church. I just needed God to open my eyes to see what was in my hand and to fulfil my unique calling in the space that He had chosen.

We can easily miss our calling today by dreaming about tomorrow.