I wonder if you really believe that God speaks? And if you do, how much do you want to hear from Him?


1. Believe He wants to speak
It may start with belief in His existence, that He is a living God, but it also involves our understanding that He cares enough to respond to those who want to hear Him.


2. Desire Him to speak to you
Personally, not only do I believe He can speak, I need Him to speak to me: His voice is life, it is my rock in a world of uncertainty. Without His voice, there is no fullness to my relationship with Him. God-breathed words, His voice, are oxygen to my soul and infuse life into my spirit.


 3. Draw Close to Him
Like sheep are inclined to their shepherd’s voice for safety, I choose to align myself to the Good Shepherd’s voice. I know He cares for me and has my best interests at heart. I have no doubt that God has good things to tell us.


 4. Hear Him speak
Romans 10:17 (NKJV) says, “So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.” You see, hearing God is no futile activity, it is the very means by which we develop faith. And at the same time, we need faith to hear Him. One feeds the other: faith, hearing, and hearing, faith.


So how do we hear His voice?


We listen: listen in prayer, listen in worship, listen to His Spirit, listen to His Word.
I remember staying at a friend’s home. I was having trouble hearing and his wife who was a nurse, washed my ears out by forcing water to push out the blockage. A bit weird, but it worked.
That’s just like God’s Word. It is like living water. It opens our ears to hear. Today, if you are having trouble hearing from God: try washing out your ears with a good dose of the Word of God.


When you read the Bible, the Spirit of God has something to work with. There are many times when in just reading, suddenly a verse jumps out. That’s the Spirit of God taking revelation and illuminating it to our spirit, speaking it into our life and situation.

Trust the presence of His Spirit in you to communicate what God is saying to you, with or without the details. Be encouraged that His presence in you can speak directly to your spirit as your spirit is tuned to His voice.
What God says may not be all you want to hear, but it will be all you need to know and all you need for now. It will be enough for you to take the next step of faith and when you do, He will speak again.


Let that same God-breath that inspired the very words on the pages of your Bible, breathe life into you as you read them.
Give it a try, make room for God to speak.


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