I first met Kim in the foyer of our City Campus. Someone had kindly introduced us, knowing that we were both “creatives”. With coffees in hand, we spoke about all things to do with art, faith and the vibrant cities we find ourselves planted in. I loved what she had to share about her incredibly interesting life, her love for the arts and her passion for the church. We parted ways. Below are a few questions I sent her via email a few days after our meeting. I love what she had to share:

  1. What is your job title? Tell us a little about what you do?
    For the last couple years, I have operated as the Director of Design Development for a nonprofit foundation. I work with many different forms of graphic and interactive elements to design and develop ebooks, build websites, as well as large-scale environments.
    Additionally, I own a design/build construction business and function as a green sustainable builder for high-end residential homes.  We custom build and design furniture and lighting for clients as well.
  2. What has been the pathway into what you do now?
    I can honestly say, giving 100% to the task in front of me and trusting God to line up the rest.  I have a friend who is always laughing at me for being the worst self-promotor she has ever met, and yet God has managed to get my foot in the door of a few major global brands and work alongside some serious heavy-hitters.  Truly, all God! My background is in fine arts and film.
  3. How long have you been a Christian?
    Sixteen years.  On 2.22.2000, I was radically saved out of the throws of a life gripping addiction.  Christ set me free and life has never been the same!  My life is all His.
  4. List anything that you may have had to compromise – regarding your faith – to do what you do now?
    My job requires extensive travel, so my schedule doesn’t allow for me to make commitments for outreach and community service in the traditional sense I was able to in earlier years.  I do, however, consider wherever I am at a mission field.
  5. What things would you never compromise?
    The integrity of living a God-centered life.
  6. How do you stay inspired?
    Prayer and meditation.  Teaching, listening and staying on top of current technologies and trends.
  7. Who are the people that have influenced or inspired you the most in your chosen field?
    I am influenced and inspired by inventors of all kinds.  People who create something out of nothing, who see problems as opportunities and who give back to others.
    I’ve been blessed to work with exceptional people at the top of their game.  Currently, I’m working for someone (name intentionally withheld) who has off-the-scales creativity.  When he has a vision, there is no stopping him.  I find this energizing, encouraging and simply a whole lot of fun.
  8. What are five things about your faith that inspire your work?

    • I find rest in living scripturally and trusting God.  My most creative work has come from that place of rest.
    • The knowledge that God has placed me right where I am.  There is a humility, as well as a boldness that comes from that knowledge.
    • Always looking beyond what is to what could be.  The Holy Spirit breathes vision.
    • My faith gives me strength when the going gets rough.  There is always a calm center I can tap into even in the midst of the storm. 
    • The fact that our Creator created out of chaos.  You should see my studio, It’s much like in the beginning!
  9. What is your view of the church and where does it sit in the tapestry of Earth’s past, present, and future?
    This is a difficult question.  The answer depends on how one defines the church.  I have visited the physical structures all over the world and in every denomination, but church to me is more of an action than an event or a place.  It’s being His hands and feet in our daily walk in the world.
    I have continued to do service in the desperately needed realm of recovery, both inside and outside of the church.  Even as I travel.  Wherever Christians are able to create a safe place for people to come and admit their brokenness, that to me is Church.
  10. Can those in your chosen field truly and whole-heartedly follow Jesus?
    Absolutely, and I’m living proof.  I always say, if I can do it anyone can.
  11. Favourite book?
    Uh, hum….The profound and revelatory bible.
    Current fiction: The Book of Strange New Things, Ready Player One.
  12. Favourite movie?
    Depending on the genre.  I studied film, so the list is endless.  All time favourite is still Blade Runner. Anything animated!
  13. Favourite city?
    I have lived in New York City for a couple decades and it still remains my most favorite city in the world!