Great leaders are almost always great simplifiers, who can cut through argument, debate and doubt, to offer a solution everybody can understand.

– Colin Powell


Owning the Result

There is one thing that unites all business people: they have a responsibility to deliver an objective. They own the result.  They need to simplify

Simplifying the Strategy

Colin Powell’s quote above strikes at the very heart of the leaders challenge and points to the way forward. Cut through…get to the heart of the problem… ACT!

Simple Steps to link Strategy to Execution

1: Help your Team Answer these questions.

  • How will you Measure Success? (Specific Numbers)
  • What 3-4 things do the team need to focus on to deliver that success?
  • What does each person need to execute right now? (& for the next 90-Days)

2: Get Visibility on Execution

Find a way to see how each person in your team is executing. Without this, you can’t make the necessary adjustments or changes that might be necessary. The other powerful reason to get visibility is that it makes the entire team effort transparent. Transparency drives accountability…accountability drives execution.

Do these effectively and you will put your team in a sound position for success. Remember – simplicity is the key. As my Dad, a school-teacher, would say when instructing his students on how to speak publicly:

If you have a book turn into a page…if you have a page make it a paragraph…if you have a paragraph reduce it to a sentence…if you have a sentence you only need one word.