What do you think are the skills a child needs for future success in the workplace and for life in general?

Leading educators from around the world tell us that in addition to literacy and numeracy, our children will need the following;

  • global awareness
  • entrepreneurial literacy
  • digital literacy
  • civic literacy
  • health and wellness awareness
  • personal leadership
  • action and service
  • ethics
  • stewardship and responsibility
  • accountability
  • communication
  • media fluency

At Claremont College the design of our classrooms and the philosophy that underpins our teaching programs are specifically designed to enhance and promote the acquisition of these skills and personal dispositions. These are some of the skills for life and all the more in 15 years’ time, when our current students will be competing for jobs in the workplace.

To add to the list, I would most certainly throw into the mix,

  • a good measure of humour
  • flexibility
  • humility
  • empathy
  • resilience; and
  • the ability to work and collaborate well with others.

As an educator, how do you design your programs and structure your lessons to promote these skills and dispositions? Some thoughts to consider…

  •  Do your students receive regular feedback specific to these personal dispositions and qualities?
  •  Do your students have a voice in shaping their learning and guiding you, their teacher? Do they have a say?
  •  Is your classroom safe for risk taking and learning important lessons from making mistakes?
  •  Is learning fun and engaging?
  •  Does a child’s curiosity lead the way? and
  •  Is your classroom full of stories and laughter?

As a parent, have you considered which of these you value the most? What are your child’s strengths and what does he or she need to develop? Does your child’s school cater for these things? Schools must value the role they have in partnership with you, to equip your child with all that he or she needs to shine and flourish.

It’s not just about the future, these are also the keys for a happy childhood. Bring on the smiles!