I know it sounds like an oxymoron to be creative in the corporate world, but I do believe it’s possible and can yield results in all areas of your life!

It all starts with our fundamental belief system – how we see God and how we see ourselves. Do you see God as Creator? In Genesis 1:1 we are given a glimpse into just how creative our God is… ‘In the beginning God created the Heavens and the Earth..’ He began creativity, He is the Author of it. Just think of the way He gets our attention with a stroke of pink and blaze of orange in the dusk sky…

When we understand that He wants us to unleash creativity in our lives, we will see and do things differently. We glorify Him when we allow that to happen.

I started my working life in a traditionally ‘creative’ space. My background is in musical stage theatre, singing, and songwriting. So I always thought that was what I would do with my life.

A few years later I found myself in the corporate world, in IT to be specific – possibly the least traditionally ‘creative’ industry. My career was plateauing and my spiritual life was dry. I was seeing everyone around me getting promotions and I felt like I was working hard but not getting anywhere.

It was in that very dry place that I made the decision to come back to God. The Holy Spirit started challenging me to apply the same passion that I’d had for music and storytelling to my corporate career. I had the revelation that I didn’t have to give up the ‘creative’ in me because I was in the corporate world. I am a creative being because I am created in the image of God, the ultimate Creator!

I began presenting my ideas and my team’s achievements more as a storyboard rather than just as facts and figures. That grabbed people’s attention and things began to shift.

19 years on in the Tech industry, I now find myself working for Google and love that I can be more creative and innovative (more of myself) in my leadership style.

Along the way, God has expanded my world more than I could have ever imagined, giving me opportunities to outwork my creativity.

If you lead a group of people at work, church or at home, create a safe place for ideas to thrive. In that place, refine your ideas too. Don’t be afraid to share them, just hold them loosely and keep a thick skin – remember feedback is a gift!

People often ask me what my biggest regret is in life. I always say that I wish I had started believing in myself and my ideas sooner and stopped second guessing myself.

We all have something significant to give to the world that it didn’t have before – THAT is creativity to me. I believe YOU have the capacity to come up with the next billion dollar idea! I urge you to ask the Author of Creativity for ideas, attach it to Kingdom purpose and execute beautifully.

Remember, there is no end to His creativity, we can draw from Him, from a well that never runs dry. So go unleash that creativity within you! With God, the possibilities are in fact … endless.