Empowering People to Lead and Impact in Every Sphere of Life.

God’s plan for a long time has been to give the whole earth to Christians, because Heaven expects that Christians would be the best at loving and serving every person on earth. (Romans 4:13)

All of us have been called out of the kingdom of darkness. Trusting Jesus transfers us into the kingdom of light. Our main mission now is to help others come back and connect with Jesus.

You don’t need to leave your day job to fulfil this mission. In fact, God empowering you in your place of work or study is His way of making sure He can reach people in every sphere of life.

The Church of Jesus Christ is beautiful because we come together from all walks of life to reflect the image of our Saviour. When the church scatters back into the community, we take God’s life with us. We proclaim the message of God, which is His saving grace to all mankind. We become the light of the world.

“The Church, you see, is not peripheral to the world; the world is peripheral to the church.” – Ephesians 1:23, MSG

Welcome to Spheres.