The countries with the greatest freedom are the countries with the greatest democracy. True democracy is where the power is given to the people, the people decide on a leader and we give those leaders the authority to govern us. This is why it is important to vote.  

The Australian Census is one of the best ways for our country to discover the different types of people we have living here. What are their personal persuasions on religion? What does the family home look like? What are our cultural differences and so on. This information is used for many different reasons, but one main reason is to help the government we elect to budget tax-payer monies to build a better Australia!

When it comes to religion in Australia, a true democracy allows for freedom of religion. It must also allow for a freedom from religion. The message of Jesus loses the power of His love and grace if it is compulsorily required! The atheist movements are campaigning for every Australian who is not an active religious person to simply tick the “no religion” box. You should NOT tick this box just because you don’t attend church regularly. You should only tick that box if you have no religious thought and do not subscribe to any Christian value system. 

• If you do have a religion, you should feel free to tick the box that best describes your religion.

• If you believe there is a God but not sure who He is, you should feel free to tick the box the best describes that religion.

• If you are not really a religious person, but you have religious values (Christian or otherwise), you should still tick the box that best describes that religion.

If you are somebody who attends Hillsong Church, we are asking you tick the box that says “Other” and write the word “Pentecostal”.

 There are many different Christian denominations in Australia, and so we are wanting to join hands with many of them to help all Australians understand who we are. For this reason, we are asking everyone in Hillsong Church to join the rest of our denomination (Australian Christian Churches) and tick the box “Other” and write the word “Pentecostal”. 

 How will this help us?

Local churches will still maintain their uniqueness, but this is a great way to help people in our nation understand our similarities. With so many different denominations in Australia, it can seem complicated for people in government and those in the marketplace who are trying to understand Christians. We are hoping this will help.

Love and blessings to you.