Vince Harder is an extremely talented performing artist, recording artist, producer and songwriter. I got to ask Vince Harder some questions surrounding his life, his work, his family and his faith. Vince is also becoming a regular contributor to the Arts & Entertainment Sphere– so I thought getting to know him first could be helpful and inspiring.

How & when did you meet Jesus?

I believe it was 14th of March 1999 at an old theatre in Auckland City, church called ACC. The speaker that night was a Maori speaker from down the line, had a compelling story about his life that just spoke to me and I could relate to being a young Samoan boy comin from a broken family, that night I got saved my journey changed forever.

What is the hardest thing about being a believer in the entertainment industry?

There are lot of challenges you can come across being a believer in the music industry, temptation to become something your not when your amongst a very influential crowd of artists or musicians can sometimes creep on you when you are trying to network with some really well established names but I’ve learnt to stay grounded on my own by constantly trying to surround myself with other believers in the game, and even when I’m not with them just remembering to be myself and just love people for who they are and not be swayed to change for them but really connect with them.

What is your biggest achievement so far in your career?

Winning 3 awards at the pacific music awards in NZ was a really cool achievement, it meant for me all the work I’ve done up to this year has brought me to a place where I’m recognised amongst my own people and more. I just hope that through my achievements I can encourage someone else to do the same.

What would you say to encourage other young believers who are wanting to be in this industry?

My encouragement to other believers wanting to pursue music in the industry is to lead a prayerful and faithful life, your music is a great tool to reach so many people, but what’s even greater is your personal journey with Jesus, and those times where people can’t see the hard work you put in, God will in his timing bless what you put your hand to, just be patient and work hard.

Being a family man – how have you taken your family on the journey?

Family and work life is always going to be an ongoing conversation with me and my wife and just learning to schedule my time so that I’m home for dinner is a big challenge but I guess my saving grace is knowing that I have a really supportive wife and family who understands my work and lifestyle with late nights and travelling out of town, and we make it work by having open communication. And it’s nice to know sometimes they can come along or join in on the fun with my music. Plus I Find it hard to function if I don’t really know how my wife or kids are doing. They really are the back bone and driving force behind my motivation and even inspiration when it comes to writing and creating music.  My wife is our Manager and sometimes it can be a challenge trying to balance work and home life, especially when it comes to our phones because we can sometimes stay on them too long when we are with each other, but we try to include one another on everything that’s happened in our day and that helps keep our relationship healthy just by talking about different things other than work, like what interests us or a new thing we learnt today etc.

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