Another year rolls by. It is that time of year again when we are announcing that on Monday, all students must commence wearing their winter uniform. It seems crazy. Where has the year gone? The ocean sparkles blue in the distance and some of the children and I have started looking for whales as they commence their annual journey to warmer waters in the north. Perhaps the whales will not need to swim so far this year because our oceans are warming up?

Every year is filled with its seasons and cycles.

Daily life at my school is happy and positive. It is a pleasure to ‘do life’ with such incredible children and with my team of professional, dedicated staff. This week has been another busy, purposeful and productive one and I am thankful to have such a wonderful privilege of helping children to achieve their potential and their best. The weeks certainly roll by and it is scary to think that we are getting closer to the half-way point of 2016. I am reminded of how important it is, to not let these days, these weeks and the years roll by. Children grow up all too quickly and sadly so often the stresses of our fast paced lives mean that we forget to stop, enjoy and appreciate the many blessings of God in each of our lives.

Out of work and in my spare time I also attend to details of my charity work in India. I’d be thrilled if you have the chance to check our website This is another privilege for me to be providing children with the gift of an education. These children would otherwise not ever go to a school, each of these children would also not receive a proper meal each day. The stories of the people I help, many I have personally met, are heartbreaking – poverty, hunger, pain, human trafficking, begging because you are disabled…this is not how God wants this world to be. It is difficult for me to not compare the differences of these two very different worlds and places. But some things are the same for us all…

  • the love of family,
  • the hopes and fears that we have for our kids,
  • the comfort and strength of a hug,
  • a chat with a neighbour,
  • a moment to enjoy a cup of tea (black or chai),
  • 5 minutes of peace all to yourself
  • awe found in a fabulous view, beauty found in nature,
  • a warm breeze, a generous smile,
  • happy tears, sad tears
  • the assurance of a friend,
  • the delightful laughter of children -their fun, adventure, innocence, curiosity and energy,
  • the satisfaction gained from working hard and learning something new
  • a desperate prayer spoken to a gracious and listening God, who so desperately loves us all
  • the power of saying ‘sorry’ when it is needed,
  • mileage that comes from a word of appreciation

Each and every day is filled with miracles in our schools and in our lives …if we only take the time to stop and look for them.

What is your list of miracles? We share this journey together, as part of an authentic and amazing school community. Even though at times we might ‘agree to disagree’ on some big things (and mostly not so big things), I pray that we never lose sight of all that is really important in the lives that we share. I pray that as a school community, we never forget to share our list of miracles with each other, and that we are people who are always thankful. One thing that must motivate us all is that we must never forget that our children are watching. This is how they learn and this is who and what they become.