I have one of the unique opportunities of working in Information Technology within a church of visionary leadership, who constantly push the boundaries of how tech can be used to build the local and global Church.

Generally when I mention to someone that I work within an IT department inside a church, they look at me puzzled, and ask in reply “”what do you mean?””

In this post, I will describe some of what we do and how we use tech for Kingdom purposes.

First of all, tech is just simply a modern tool that connects people to people and people to information.

“And I tell you, you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church..” 
Matthew 16:18

Jesus says that He is building His church, and he uses people like me to do it. I can’t play instruments very well and I never went to seminary, but I can use the skills and gifts in understanding technology and use it in such a way that furthers God’s Kingdom.

We make it possible to do multi-site, multi-directional low-latency live video links all over Australia. We handle large amounts of data, across high performance, scalable storage systems .  We stream large scale conferences all over the world.  We build tooling that can go and auto-provision more tools, and more systems.

We also do some less glamorous work too, like reset passwords, someone’s got to do it. We design security policies, provide printing facilities, email services, wireless internet, and maintain a network of computers, keeping them as healthy and running smoothly as we can.

Why we do it?
This is the awesome part. The why. Why we do what we do.

The systems we build are not financially motivated, rather, our driving purpose is to enable our church ministries to reach people. To inform people about our services and church events in a clear uncomplicated way – To interact with our communities, connecting people with people – clearing a pathway for them to encounter God.

Using the biblical metaphor of a seed, being planted, then watered so that God can make grow, if whatever system I develop or implement or build, is not “”planting a seed””, or “”watering”” an area of someone’s life, in some way shape or form, then it probably wasn’t worth doing.

Connecting people and reaching the ONE is the goal. If used effectively, technology plays a vital tool in reaching and connecting people in locations and demographics that otherwise would not have been possible.

If you want to talk further, or need some help with technology in your church, please connect with me (using some kind of technology ;), and I and my team would love to help in some way.

How do you feel about technology in church? Do you think it has a part to play in building the house Jesus said He would build?”


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