God is the only one who can judge correctly every time all by Himself. The rest of us need the difference of others, mainly because none of us see the whole picture by ourselves.

 “Without wise leadership, a nation falls; there is safety in having many advisers.” –  Proverbs 11:14 NLT

This, not being able to see the whole picture by ourselves, is seen everywhere but probably no place more clearly than in politics. The role of government is to provide a safe and secure place for all humans, while creating a fair and equitable society for all to experience the same chance to succeed.

Balancing the budget, distributing resources, expanding infrastructure and creating legislature for all humans on just terms is quite an art. What does it mean to govern on just terms? And who decides what is just?

The most balanced societies in the world today seem to be the ones with a democracy. The challenge here is striking the balance between opposing sides. Perhaps this is why these societies seem to go around in circles between the core values of those governments who are in power at the time.

God is not one side or the other of politics. What is clear though, is that both sides of politics should be on His side. Knowing what God would in any situation is the greatest thing to do for all humans in their situations.

May our world leaders learn to balance their deficiencies with the strength of their opponents but in all things, may they balance their leadership with the wisdom of God.