Why Do I Love Politics?

My name is Danielle, I am 22 years old, and I love politics. It’s kind of funny how much I love government and politics, particularly when most of my generation don’t share that sentiment. And if I’m being honest, it’s tough to keep loving it. I grew up in a family where one of my parents was heavily involved in politics, so a love for government and political process was kind of unavoidable. But not every young person has had that experience.

When I think of the political landscape in Australia, I don’t see a whole lot of young people stepping up and taking ownership of our country.  So, what worked with me? What was it that the older generations did with me that brought me closer to this world rather than push me away from it?

Firstly, I had people who listened to me. My mother was one who would always listen to what I had to say, and would bring correction and realignment where necessary. But I was always free to speak my mind. And when it came to the big issues and questions, I was always made to feel like I was heard, and that my opinion and thoughts mattered. A youthful mind and spirit is a gift – and your thought process is unique and important!

1 Timothy 4:12 says:
“Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity.”

Secondly, I was taught how to research. I love to read, but digging deeper has been something I had to learn. In a generation of click-bait articles and 24 hour media coverage, it can be difficult to filter through the myriad of opinions. Research is cross-referencing opinions and facts, and hearing all the options before you make a decision. Ignorance is an option that should not be available with all of the information we have access to. Know what you believe, and see what else is out there.

Thirdly, I was encouraged to take action. I can recall many times when I would rant, rage or whine about something, and my mother’s response was “Do something about it, then.” I’m a big talker, so learning to take action was something that didn’t come easy to me. But at 22, I am more so grateful that I have been able to take ownership of the issues that frustrate me. At 17 I volunteered with an anti-human trafficking organisation (Destiny Rescue). I was able to travel overseas with them, and see first hand an issue that is close to my heart. Had I not stepped up and taken action, I would have missed out on a life-shaping experience.

In short, listen, learn and take action. It’s a three part process that helped me formulate my own worldview, and hopefully it can help you, or the young people in your world to step up and take ownership of the greater world around them.