It is your ability to overcome in life that will be your biggest asset. It will set you up for success time and time again.What differentiates the top level executives from the rest? Is it their skill and intellect or perhaps they have a higher IQ to their peers? While this may be true in part, it is not the reason they succeed. It is their resilience that sets them apart.Their belief and ability to stick at something in the face of adversity; they show up and show up consistently.

I love the quote that says, “80% of success is just showing up.” It’s so true.We have a tendency to view failure as a negative thing. We feel like we should give up, that we are not good enough or that the idea won’t work rather than seeing it as a great lesson to push us forward and closer to knowing what will work. If you have not failed recently you are not trying enough. Failure is inevitable. Fail often, fail early, stand up and keep walking.I have employed so many talented, passionate and driven individuals that were not achieving their best because they were bound by fear of failure and a need for perfection.

My advice: –

  • Back yourself.
  • Look at your performance objectively not subjectively
  • Go slow to go fast.
  • Plot your course and trust the journey.

Failure can be your friend, fail forward Surround yourself with brilliant people