It truly is possible to live and love like Jesus on social media. It is possible to glorify God with our social media activity. We just need a few guidelines to point us in the right direction. This article describes the last four points we need to keep in mind:

5. Learn to Listen Better
When people see a status they disagree with, they’re quick to state their opinions in the comments. But this disables us from listening. In real life, we have to wait our turn to speak, but with comments, we simply have to scroll down. This is how some articles and discussions online can get so out of control—people refuse to listen and instead turn the subject into something entirely different.
Rather than being quick to voice your opinion, digest the words you’re reading first. Offer a thoughtful response only after listening.

6. Avoid Stirring the Pot With the Articles You Share
Many Christians like to stir the pot with the articles they share on hot-button issues. But I would urge you to monitor how many articles you share that simply agree with your ideology. When you do this, you can run into the danger of making your beliefs purely about arguing opinions rather than living for Christ, which is a bad message to send to unbelievers. You don’t need to stir the pot to show people Christ; you just need to live and love like Him.

7. No Racist Comments
This one is obvious, but apparently needs to be said. Just because your friends on social media share your same values doesn’t mean you can say whatever you want to them. The truth is, when you’re on social media, you’re not only speaking to your friends—you’re speaking to the world. And one thing the world needs less of is words to perpetuate stereotypes and racial hatred.

8. Avoid Being Mean to Bloggers
Social media is not an outlet where you can be mean to others because you don’t agree with them. If we don’t like a person’s art, we should be constructively sharpening them to think better, but we shouldn’t be tearing them down. Art is a personal thing, and you’re tearing at a person’s soul every time you choose to condemn their work instead of sharpen it. Instead, push them to be better in gentle ways.

Social media is a dangerous territory, but it’s possible to live like Jesus in midst of its complications. The key is to relinquish the false sense of power that fools us into thinking we can do whatever we want online, and instead pick up the love and character of Jesus Christ to shape our words. In the end, it’s those words that’ll make a difference.