Kindness & Honey

Ever thought about kindness? Ever felt the kindness of another? It’s kind of like honey. This sounds strange but keep reading, it will all make sense in a moment… Here are three things you should know about honey:

1. Honey dates back over a thousand years. Ancient Egypt and Greece used it as a medicinal treatment.

2. Even today there is a re-emergence of medical professionals using medical-grade honey to treat skin conditions and stomach ulcers where modern medicine fails.

3. We use it commonly as a quick relief for a sore throat, or something sweet for a cup of tea.

Honey is an incredible substance when you think about it. It has antibacterial properties that don’t accept germs, and it boosts the immune and antioxidants in our bodies. Besides its natural and medical remedies, the most common thought of honey is: it sticks. This week I had this recurring thought – and it wasn’t about honey… It was about kindness. Kindness sticks.

Just like honey, kindness is raw, unprocessed, and has the power to heal and break down bacteria on our bodies that no worldly medicine ever could. Kindness brings comfort and healing to our bodies in the same way honey does. Here’s what the bible says about using our words through kindness:

“Kind words are like honey – sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.” – Proverbs 16:24 (NLT)

Incredible words of truth. By sharing words of kindness with others we bring the very thing that is precious to a heart in need of healing and wholeness. Everyone wants to be valued, cared for and made feel whole. Kindness is one characteristic of God that he mandates us to spread to others, starting with the words we sow. Kindness is sticky like honey. So when we’re kind to one another, there is a ripple effect.

Choose words of kindness today.


Lachlan is a 24-year-old marketer and entrepreneur, helping individuals and businesses succeed in their calling. / / twitter @lockyn