So many people wait for the opportunity to arrive before they start to get ready. What is it about us humans that think we can do nothing about building ourselves and growing ourselves and yet assume that we deserve any opportunity that is coming our way? The greatest thing we can do right now, is to start getting ready for whatever is out there. Don’t wait until the opportunity arrives. Jump on board now and start growing so that when opportunity arrives it will be looking for you!

Think about the young guy who is looking for the perfect girl but does nothing about becoming a perfect guy. When the perfect girl eventually comes across his path, she will take one look at him and say, “You’re not the perfect guy!”

Just imagine what the young guy could have been doing to get ready while he was waiting for his perfect girl!

Some questions to think about:

Q: What are the challenges in starting today?
Q: Why do you think most people just wait?
Q: What can you start doing right now to grow?