If people experience God’s kingdom then I figure that they may be more open to want to know Him. I take every opportunity to tell people about Jesus, especially what He has done in my own life however I find more often than not, most people aren’t open to having those conversations. Unfortunately history has misrepresented God, His character and who He is and so we find resistance when wanting to talk about Jesus. I believe I have an extraordinary opportunity in my workplace to live out the principles of God’s kingdom, whether that be generosity, compassion, caring for people, honesty, integrity and all those amazing qualities that reflect who God is and His kingdom. The principles of God’s kingdom and the world are in opposition.

I have found that my staff are very attracted to kingdom principles and it often softens their hearts to be open to God. In business there are times of financial stress which brings with it temptation to make decisions that can ease the pain but are dishonest. Time and time again when I have faced those critical moments I have made the decision to act with integrity even though it has put more pressure on us financially. Those decisions drive home the Kingdom principle of integrity and honesty. I constantly get asked by my managers why I am so determined to be honest when no one will even know if we do something dishonest. This opens the door to tell them I do what is right and honest, not so that I don’t get caught but because of my faith and trust in God.

Generosity is a quality that paints a beautiful picture of the God. Mostly the world is generous when they know that it will benefit them in some way. As a company we are extremely generous with our staff and our clients for no other reason but to be generous and to express this wonderful kingdom principle. We just love blessing people and surprising people with lavish generosity. I believe much of our success is owed to this kingdom quality, as the scripture says it enlarges our world and it displays the heart of God. Encouragement is a very powerful tool, to help people reach their potential.

I have suffered from social anxiety most of my life until I started serving at church in New People’s Network that I managed to break the chains of this crippling belief. My role was to greet new people in the foyer and I was so nervous but a guy in church came up to me most weeks and encouraged me that I was doing a great job and believed that I had a real gift of connecting people. It was through his words of encouragement that released me from the grips of my self-doubt and insecurity. It is very powerful in the workplace to speak words of encouragement over our staff. So many staff are riddled with insecurity and through encouraging words, we see them gain confidence and flourish. Wasn’t it Jesus that came to set us free from the chains that bind us? We can simply do this to others by encouraging them.

A key quality of great leaders is to care for people. I read a great book many years ago on emotional intelligence and realized that without a genuine care for people, no one will follow us. I think that it is amazing, so many of the qualities that makes us great leaders are found in the character of Jesus. I have been saying for a while now that Christians really have a huge advantage in leadership, if they allow their lives to be transformed and become more like Jesus. As business owners we have the privilege and responsibility to care for our staff. As we forget our own agendas and prioritize the well-being of our staff, we not only get to represent the character of God but also lead our businesses with excellence.

Our God is very attractive and I consider it daily my mission to paint a picture of his character and goodness to my sphere of influence where He has been misrepresented and misunderstood. The more successful the business the more influence we have.