Is there something within you that you know you ought to do but haven’t yet started? Something that goes beyond day-to-day existence… Something that addresses the “why” behind the “what”… Something that prioritises conviction over convenience; purpose over existence; risk over predictability?

You might call it a seed, a thought, or maybe just a whisper of an idea. You’re not sure if it could ever be real. All you know is that you are filled with excitement and anticipation about the prospect of living for purpose rather than settling for mere existence. It might have come from a change in life stage or another significant life event, or perhaps it’s been within you (in some form or another) ever since you can remember. Maybe it’s a business that you believe could help transform an industry, a country, or the globe. Perhaps you want to live in such a way where you have an overflow to help others around you in partnership with your local church. Maybe the dream is so early that you don’t know the specifics, but all you know is that you want to be a positive impact on the world. But something has stopped you from trying. It’s understandable. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed at the beginning of a dream.

Whilst the specifics of our situations vary, the love of God and His desire to be in relationship with us does not. He has determined the exact times and places for us to be, He has engraved us on the palm of His hand, He has numbered the hairs on our heads, and He has a greater purpose for our lives than our own existence. Ultimately, He wants to be in partnership with us to see lives changed and for praise of Him to result.

God wants us to use what we have to provide a return for Him. What do you have in your hand today? What is the one thing you could do now that could take you one step closer to your dream becoming reality?
Whatever it is, don’t despise the day of small beginnings. There is no perfect moment to start. Remember, there is always a reason you can give yourself to stay in comfort.

When I started Cavalry after the dot com crash of 2000, the timing was not good, friends and family thought I was crazy and I did not have a lot of start-up capital or experience. But I could not shake off the conviction that I needed to at least try. The company started working from a couple of bedrooms at my parents place. The early employees had to take their shoes off at the door so as not to dirty the carpet. My parents used to cook lunch and ring the dinner bell when food was on the table. Today, Cavalry is recognised as one of the leading Managed Cloud companies in the world.

When I look back, the small beginnings are what I am thankful for. The small beginnings are what turns a dream into reality. The small beginnings are what help you push past the known and into the unknown – which in turn becomes the known.

So don’t wait. Start small, start now, and stay in rhythm.