Adam Cobb is an international nutritional and spiritual coach based in New York City. He has worked with NBA stars, supermodels, CEO’s and A-list celebrities. Not only does he run a business driving people to live their best life, but the life he lives reflects the authenticity, discipline and perseverance that he encourages in his clients.

Speaking at our latest Sydney Spheres event, Coach Cobb shared some gold on the Warfare of Wellness. Health is not just a physical battle but a mental one and he shared some wisdom on how to do that battle well.

Each of us needs to wage a war on our personal wellness. Consistency and discipline is what develops wellness in our lives yet it is a battle we need to fight daily. We may feel like we fail in this battle (not achieving the goals that we set) but failure is only failure if it doesn’t become feedback. We need to learn from the mistakes we make or setbacks we have and use them to launch us forward and re-set our goals.

As humans, we are created to move. We weren’t made to be still or lazy yet challenges with discipline can hinder our progress and movement. Simple practicalities such as going for a walk with people instead of sitting down for coffee can result in a big improvement in our wellness of the day and you’ll find that you have better and more fruitful conversations whilst you move. Ask yourself: what is the most challenging thing about discipline? Don’t just answer that question, but address it. Often, when it comes to health, we know it but don’t practice it. Ensure you’re disciplined enough to put your knowledge into practice.

Health is all about patience. Don’t expect to change your body in a day. Keep focused on your long term goals and don’t let your short term desires take you off track. Often we focus on the ‘what’ when it comes to diet and eating. We should be focusing on the ‘when’. Too many of us eat at the wrong times. Whether that be snacking too often or eating too late at night, you need to work out the ‘when’ that works best for you.

For everything you do today, does it make you better tomorrow?
Let’s set ourselves up for a win and wage the war of wellness!!