Major Kelvin Ally

Chief Secretary for The Salvation Army in Papua New Guinea

Lieut-Colonel Kelvin Alley is currently the Chief Secretary for The Salvation Army in Papua New Guinea. For five years from 2011, Kelvin served as The Salvation Army’s national representative to Federal Government, based in Canberra. He has served in different capacities with The Salvation Army for almost 30 years, including 16 years in church leadership in both urban and regional areas, and in a number of senior leadership positions.

Prior to moving into full time ministry with The Salvation Army, Kelvin served with the Australian Government in Canberra in the Personnel Management/Human Relations field for a number of government departments.

Kelvin has a Doctor of Ministry Degree from the Fuller Theological Seminary, Pasadena. He also has a Bachelor of Divinity Degree from the Melbourne College of Divinity, and an Arts Degree in Public Administration from Canberra University.

Kelvin has served on the Board of The Salvation Army’s Employment Plus before moving to Papua New Guinea. He was also an active member of the Executive of the National Council of Churches in Australia, and also served on the Board of Hope for Life, The Salvation Army’s national Bereaved by Suicide and Suicide Prevention program, and The Salvation Army’s National Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander’s Reference Group.

In his current ministry setting, Kelvin has responsibilities for the program and management of The Salvation Army’s ministry and work in Papua New Guinea, including the churches but also education, health and community development projects across the country.